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Filing a claim for roof damage can be a stressful and unpleasant process, and often takes place while you’re living in temporary accommodation or struggling with a problem in one part of your home. The last thing you need is to be faced with finding reliable roofing repair contractors to handle your restoration.
At RC Roofing, we provide expert guidance and professional workmanship for all your insurance repairs. Restoration companies depend on us for rapid results, and we work extensively with many in the greater Victoria area on their roofing requirements. Here’s what you need to know about filing an insurance claim for a damaged residential roof:

Knowing What’s Covered

It’s important to determine first and foremost what’s covered under your insurance policy. You might find this information in your policy document, but if it’s unclear the best bet is to contact your insurance provider or agent for details. Insurance companies all have their own methods for dealing with insurance claims, and our roofing repair contractors are experienced in dealing with them.

Some insurance companies take the age of the roof into account, in which instance your policy will likely cover the full cost of repairs or replacement on a roof that is younger than 10 years old. Roofs that are older, however, might only receive the depreciated value. If your problem is caused by water damage it may not be covered by your regular policy, unless you have added that option specifically.

Getting the Repairs Done

Once your claim is approved, you can proceed with having the repairs done. If the damage is widespread and your claim allows for it, you might have to move out during the restoration process. Usually, small repairs like flashing or leaky areas can be done in a day or two, but if your whole roof needs to be replaced your roofing repair contractors will need longer. They will need to tear off the old roof and erect scaffolding for installing the new roof, which could make it dangerous for you to be in the vicinity during the work. If this happens, the insurance will likely cover the cost of housing your family in a hotel or other temporary accommodation, for a predetermined period of time.

Submitting Your Claim

It’s essential that you submit your insurance claim without delay, because some companies might refuse to cover some of the costs if, for example, you sustain additional damage to the home as a result of an unrepaired roof. Take photos of the damage if possible, so you have a record to refer to in the case of any questions or disagreements.

Most insurers will request an assessment or estimate from recognized roofing repair contractors, and some companies will provide you with a list of contractors to choose from. At RC Roofing, we have the confidence of being referred by a number of insurance companies, to whom we have provided exceptional service over the years. The company might also send out an assessor to determine that the estimates you received are accurate and agree with their evaluation.

Insurance coverage for a company

Insurance is an important aspect of owning a company, home, vehicle and more. It is to indemnify a person putting them back in the same position as they were originally prior to the peril, this is not a gain nor a loss. When we talk of roofing, we think liability insurance only; It is important that our clients are advised OPEN FLAME insurance is paramount for torch applied roofing applications. Your home insurance will NOT cover a contractor which burned a portion or the entirety of your home/ project down, if they have no insurance coverage for open flame then you are left without coverage.

Torch-On SBS roofing comes with a high fire risk because we use torches to weld the plies together. With torches, we heat up the underside of the SBS membrane, which melts it and heat welds the layers together. If a roofer makes even a slight mistake, he could start a fire. Old buildings, Insulation, small spaces that heat up quickly, and fiberboard are all flammable parts of your roof. This is not to deter you from using these applications, rather to educate you on the need for protection against those who claim to have coverage and those that do not.

Do your research and ask for the right documentation when hiring any contractor. A few things you want to look for are:

  • WorkSafeBC (Residential and Commercial)
  • Liability Insurance (Residential and Commercial)
  • Open Flame Insurance (Residential and Commercial)

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